Over $2 million for PPD needs in the last 3 years

Funds raised go directly toward providing critical equipment, technology, training and innovative programs to help the Philadelphia Police Department improve public safety and enhance service to the city. Recent funding projects include:

  • Neighborhood Police Initiative (NPI): This pilot program is a PARTNERSHIP with PPD and community members, giving the community a voice and a role in how their neighborhoods are policed and to strengthen community trust within targeted districts. This is a ‘throwback’ community policing initiative, which has produced positive results in NYC and Chicago.
  • Youth Advisory Commission: The PPD’s newly created Youth Advisory Commission (YAC) is a youth-led committee made up of members ranging in age from 14-18 years old. The Commission will focus on topics crucial to the youth, including public safety and police/community interactions.
  • Reducing Crime Analysis Training and Strategy for 100 Philadelphia Police commanders: This specialized 3-day training course is tailored to crime reduction, problem-solving, and intelligence-led policing for police departments.
  • Office of Forensic Science – Extensive Training for 8 new Firearms Examiners Training: A firearms examiner is a Forensic scientist who performs operability tests on all recovered firearms, microscopic comparisons of cartridge cases to determine if items have been fired from the same weapon, serial number restorations on obliterated evidence, and other examinations required for investigations and court.
  • Active Bystandership for Law Enforcement (ABLE) Training
  • Procedural Justice Youth Engagement Initiative: The goal is to engage with and gather information from youth to better understanding current youth experiences with, and attitudes and perceptions towards PPD.
  • New ‘state of the art’ Highway Patrol Safety Helmets
  • 50,000 KN95 protective face masks
  • Centralized Data Management System (InfoShare) Intelligence Software
  • Equestrian equipment and veterinary visits for horses for the Mounted Patrol Unit.
  • Crash Data Retrieval System for the Accident Investigation Division
  • Additional K-9 officers (specially trained dogs) for the Canine Unit
  • Expansion of the Children of Police Scholarship Fund (COPS), which provides K-12 scholarships for children of fallen or permanently injured members of the PPD.
  • Ongoing cadet training programs at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, Museum of African American History in Washington D.C., and National Constitution Center in Philadelphia
  • State of the Art Ballistic Helmets for the elite tactical SWAT Team Unit
  • Police Explorers Program, which guides teens to a better path for the future by teaching the values needed to succeed in a law enforcement career and in life


  • "The Community Relations Division and the Community Relations Officers reach into every neighborhood in the City. And in doing so we generate many equipment needs to hold events, trainings, community gatherings, town hall meetings and so much more. There is a limited budget for the majority of these events but the Philadelphia Police Foundation step"
    - Altovise Love-Craighead, Chief Inspector Philadelphia Police Department
  • "As Police Commissioner I know it takes a holistic effort to ensure the safety of the more than 1.5 million people who live, work and visit Philadelphia. Many resources are needed to support and equip the more than 6,500 sworn and 800 civilian men and women who work to protect and serve the people in this city and to keep officers safe while perform"
    - Danielle Outlaw, Commissioner Philadelphia Police Department